Peter Navarro slams 'failed' former White House advisors meeting with Trump to plan his 2024 comeback
Peter Navarro -- (Photo via AFP)

Donald Trump is making a rare re-appearance in Washington D.C. this week, where he will meet with former members and advisors who served in his administration to plot out policy plans for his anticipated announcement that he will run for president again in 2024.

With DC insiders believing -- and Republican leaders fearing -- the former president will be making an announcement soon, Trump is wasting no time and is meeting with allies working at the new non-profit America First Policy Institute (AFPI) -- and one former high-ranking Trump adviser is less than impressed with the folks who are creating the blueprint for a second Trump presidency.

After noting that the former president is expected to make a speech on Tuesday -- that will reportedly be more policy driven than his rally speeches which are centered upon his personal grievances -- Politico's Meredith McGraw wrote that AFPI is now grown "into a think tank with more than 150 employees, including 17 former senior White House staffers who include former Cabinet members like Small Business Administrator Administrator Linda McMahon and acting Homeland Security chief Chad Wolf, Interior Secretary David Bernhardt, and Energy Secretary Rick Perry. It also includes past senior administration officials like Kudlow and even football coach-turned-Trump ally Lou Holtz. "

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Adding that Trump hosted a black-tie fundraiser at Mar-a-Lago for AFPI, Politico reports that former Trump trade advisor Peter Navarro disparaged the group on Friday when speaking on the recently convicted Steve Bannon's podcast.

According to McGraw, Navarro, "called the organization 'a dumping ground and haven for a lot of the failed people from the first administration, the RINOs,' or Republicans in name only, 'and the disloyalists who let Trump down.'"

The report adds, "As Rollins and others go about imagining the future of federal bureaucracy, there is also the possibility, as unlikely as it seems, that Trump decides against making another run for office; or, that he does and doesn’t win the primary. Hogan Gidley, Trump’s former deputy press secretary and the director of AFPI’s center on election integrity, said no matter what Trump decides, the group is uniquely qualified to serve the next “America First” administration, whether or not it is led by Trump."

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