WATCH: Protesters storm frat house over rape allegations -- flipping over cars and breaking down the door

Thousands of angry protesters descended on a fraternity house at the University of Iowa on Tuesday night in response to allegations of sexual assault against two members of the Phi Gamma Delta chapter, commonly known as FIJI.

"Chants of 'F— FIJI,' 'Rapist,' and 'Protect our girls,' sprang back and forth up and down the block before the crowd began inching closer to the chapter house," the Daily Iowan reports. "A few protesters left the crowd to approach the house. Some broke windows with rocks, knocked and banged on the front door, threw eggs, and graffitied the house's sides."

One group of protesters went inside the house and later emerged with FIJI's "composite" — a framed collage of the chapter's members.

"The house's mailbox and security cameras were also damaged, and cars were flipped over," the newspaper reported, adding that one group then traveled to another house where FIJI members were believed to be staying during the protest. "The house on Iowa Avenue was also damaged, with people throwing rocks and a few protesters standing on the roof."

More from the local ABC affiliate: "After about 30 minutes, a few of the protesters began throwing rocks, climbing fire escapes, and knocking on the front door. Shortly after, they kicked the door down. The majority of the people who gathered to protest remained peaceful. Iowa City Police officers were nearby but did not appear to intervene during the time that KCRG-TV9 news crews were there."

The protest was organized after an online petition detailing the rape allegations, and calling or FIJI to be abolished nationwide, garnered more than 80,000 signatures. The petition was launched days after the University of Nebraska suspended the school's FIJI chapter while officials investigate an allegation of sexual assault.

According to the petition, a University of Iowa sophomore who went to the FIJI house to hang out with friends in September 2020 was "drugged, raped, videotaped, and photographed ... with no memory of what they had done to her."

The FIJI members allegedly shared video of the assault in a fraternity group chat. "All of their members saw what they did to this girl, and the FIJI members just told them to delete their proof," the petition states, adding that the accused members are still allowed on campus and one of them showed up in the victim's class.

"The Iowa City detectives have messages of them planning to do this to her, they have their DNA, they have the videos, and the photos," the petition states. "Almost 1 year of struggling to get this case to court, the Iowa City county attorney told her that this case will not be taken to court, despite more than enough evidence. Since the courts wont give her justice, we need to do it ourselves. University of Nebraska isn't the only FIJI house doing this. Shut Fiji down nationwide."

In response to the petition, the FIJI chapter reportedly posted a statement on social media saying it has a zero-tolerance policy for sexual misconduct.

Watch video from the protest below.