Piers Morgan says DeSantis can come back and knock out Trump like Muhammad Ali did to George Foreman
Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis (AFP)

In an op-ed for The New York Post this Tuesday, British broadcaster Piers Morgan compared Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to legendary boxer Muhammad Ali who came back to knock out George Foreman in 1974 to win the World Heavyweight Championship boxing title.

"Foreman duly unloaded his relentless bombs on Ali who spent most of the time leaning on the ropes, soaking up the fearsomely powerful assault," Morgan writes. "Nobody could understand this apparently suicidal rope-a-dope strategy other than Ali himself, who had deliberately planned it to exhaust his opponent."

According to Morgan, Ali didn't beat Foreman because he was the stronger man. He won because "he had the smarter tactics, and the courage to execute them" -- all attributes that Morgan thinks DeSantis can use to beat Donald Trump should he run against him in 2024.

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"Donald Trump is the political equivalent of George Foreman — a giant bruising brawler who destroys opponents with brute force," writes Morgan, who adds that DeSantis is "showing every sign of being the opponent Trump fears most: one who can soak up his punches and knock him out."

One sign of Trump's fear, according to Morgan, is his escalating attacks on DeSantis.

Read the full op-ed over at The New York Post.