'Who are you, again?': Piers Morgan scorched for tone-deaf tribute to Larry King

Talk show host and occasional pal of Donald Trump, Piers Morgan stepped in it once again on Saturday morning after posting a tone-deaf tribute to the late Larry King -- who passed away this morning -- and managed to make it all about himself.

Morgan, who once hosted a show on CNN, noted the passing of the beloved King and wrote, "Larry King was a hero of mine until we fell out after I replaced him at CNN & he said my show was 'like watching your mother-in-law go over a cliff in your new Bentley.' (He married 8 times so a mother-in-law expert) But he was a brilliant broadcaster & masterful TV interviewer."

Critics of Morgan, of whom there are many, immediately noted he made it about himself ("until we fell out after I replaced him at CNN") and proceeded to let him have it on Twitter.

As you can see below: