Fed-up Ohio pizzeria advertises jobs for 'non-stupid people'
Boy Delivering Pizza (Shutterstock)

A pizzeria in Columbus, Ohio is so frustrated by a string of unsuccessful hires that it decided to put out a colorful qualifier in their new hiring notice, reported Fox 5 News: putting out a banner that said "Now Hiring: Non-Stupid People."

"Santino’s Pizzeria reportedly said it hung the banner outside as a joke," said the report. "Someone posted a photo of it on social media and it became a big debate. One person called it 'honest hiring practices' while another said 'If that's the first impression you choose to make as a business owner, don't complain when your employees leave.'"

The owner of the pizza parlor, Jayden Dunigan, told local reporters that he had repeatedly dealt with hiring and training employees, only for them to quit quickly or not even show up to work at all.

"Since the hiring sign went viral they had a caller place a large order and then call back when it was finished to cancel the order. Santinos said it took the pizza to a homeless shelter and said the people there were extremely grateful for the food," noted the report. "In a Facebook post the pizzeria stated: 'We never waste food here at Santinos whenever a order doesn’t get picked up we bring it to the nearest homeless shelter!'"

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Service jobs can often be difficult to staff; the worker shortage that has been plaguing managers since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic was particularly hard on the restaurant industry, which has a long history of practices that are hard on employees.

This comes amid some high-profile cases of abuse of employees in restaurants that received national attention, including a Domino's manager who reportedly mimicked a slave driver and called a Black employee "Boy" while his co-manager laughed.