Off-duty NYC cops pummels Middle Eastern drunk driver while hurling bigoted anti-Muslim slurs

An off-duty police officer in New York is being accused of brutally beating a drunk driver while hurling bigoted abuse toward him.

The New York Daily News reports that off-duty New York Police Department Officer Riggs Kwong got into a road rage altercation in Brooklyn over the weekend in which he got out of his car and assaulted 32-year-old Abdul Motalab, who had cut Kwong off while driving under the influence.

Kwong allegedly kept pummeling Motalab even after he knocked him to the ground, which resulted in Motalab suffering a cut on his nose and a swollen face.

“Terrorist!” the 50-year-old Kwong yelled at Motalab as he beat him, according to video obtained by police investigators. “Al Qaeda! Mohammed! ISIS!”

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Kwong was subsequently charged with assault and suspended from the force, writes the Daily News. He could also face hate crime charges based on the anti-Muslim slurs he hurled at Motalab.

Motalab, meanwhile, was charged with driving while under the influence, as a sobriety test revealed a blood-alcohol level of .157, which is more than twice the legal limit.

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