human remains bones
Photo: Shutterstock

The San Bernardino Police Department realized that the man who left remains on the police counter at the station was someone they would like to question after they figured out the parts were human.

They're now asking for help from the public with an “Attempt to Identify," Law&Crime reported Friday.

“On Thursday, February 2, 2023, an unknown subject entered the San Bernardino Police Department and approached the public counter,” the police department statement recounts. “The subject then tried to put what appeared to be deceased animal remains and a lower jaw that resembled a human. It was unclear at the time if the remains were real.”

The man then walked out of the police station without officers thinking to question him.

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“[O]fficers attempted to locate the subject but were unsuccessful,” police explained.

Examinations of the remains revealed it was a human jaw bone, though it's unclear who it might be.

The man is a “Hispanic male adult, 30 to 35 years of age, 5’-7." The surveillance photos show he has a beard and mustache.

See the photos below or at the link here.