'You saved his life': Woman praised after sticking up for Black man detained by police in viral video
(screen shot)

A TikTok user is being praised for her actions in a viral video that showed her sticking up for a Black man who'd apparently been wrongfully detained by police — prompting the officers to let him go.

At the start of the video, the woman approaches the officers who had detained the Black man and tells them that they're mistaken if they believe that he did anything wrong.

"It was those people going after him. I saw that," the woman yells as the officers are putting Black man's arms behind his back as he's pinned against a police SUV.

"Thank you, that's what I'm saying," the Black man responds, visibly relieved.

"If you saw it, I need you to stay here," one of the officers tells the woman, as they let go of the Black man's arms.

She then explains that the Black man they were detaining was apparently the victim in a dispute rather than the perpetrator.

"There were people going after you, and the cops went after you and not the other white guys," the woman says. "I saw that sh*t. "

"You were the one that was being accosted," she says. "There were a couple of white guys over there that were going after him. They got out of his vehicle, and he was trying to back away."

"Oh, one of these cops actually believed the white guy when they said this guy was the one in the f*cking wrong," the woman tells another officer. "That's what f*cking happened."

After the officer appears to admonish the woman for cursing, she tells him, "I don't give a sh*t."

"Why didn't you pull over the other guys who were part of it?" she says.

"I told you what happened," the woman tells the officer, after another witness can be heard in the background corroborating her account. "This guy was accosted by other people, and he was the one that was pulled over."

The Black man can be seen sitting casually on the front bumper of the police SUV, conversing with the other officers, as the video ends.

The woman's video of the incident, captioned with the letters "BLM," had been shared more than 14,000 times in just nine hours by Thursday night.

The woman, who goes by Dlèit Rose on TikTok, said in a follow-up video that she's not white, but indigenous. The woman also said that one of the officers wouldn't listen to her because she was "calling it like it was," saying he would only listen to her "white partner."

"The cop that refused to listen to me and would only listen to my partner claimed he was offended because his wife was Black so he can't be racist," the woman says.

"Every (person of color) knows that proximity means nothing. Proximity to a person of color does not mean you're not racist," she says, accusing the officer of "tokenizing" his wife.

The original video had garnered 24,000 comments, mostly from people praising the woman for her actions.

"That poor kid you can see the fear in his face thank you so much for standing up and saying something," one person wrote.

"They backed off so quickly when she spoke up. To everyone watching. Never be a bystander," another wrote.

"U literally just saved this man's life," another commenter wrote.

The woman said in a follow-up video, "To the people making positive comments, thank you. This man was able to go home to his brand new baby yesterday, and that man was scared he wouldn't."

Watch below.