january 6 broken doors
“Washington, DC - January, 6 2021: Trump supporters rioting at the US Capitol.” (Phot: Sebastian Portillo/Shutterstock)

Political violence in the United States is continuing to get worse and with easy access to weapons of mass death, there is a fear that it could generate larger body counts.

Princeton Professor Eddie Glaude warned this is just the beginning of MSNBC's The Last Word on Monday evening.

"It reveals, the corruption of the heart. They've turned some of Americans into more monsters. It reveals we have political nihilists who are part of a major political party, who value nothing and no, except for holding power" said Glaude. "And you combine those political nihilists with cynical people and people who are motivated by hate, and you get violence."

Glaude went on to say the problem isn't just rhetoric.

"I'm thinking very quickly of two historical moments," he recalled. "Moments where there seems to be an existential threat that defined how Americans came to blows with each other. The mid-20th century, and of course the mid-19th century. The 1850s, and 1950s and 1960s. and there was a clear line drawn, and violence to find the period. We need to understand that we're in a moment that's not just about, you know, toning down the rhetoric. There are those who believe, that their way of life is existentially threatened, and they are going to defend it at all costs. We need to understand where we are as a nation what the midterms represent, and what is ahead of us. I think we all need to buckle up, Lawrence. It's gonna get worse."

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