Hannity ally carried out 'ideological purge' at Fox News after Trump lost: 'They cleaned house'

Fox News fired at least 16 digital editorial staffers earlier this year after Donald Trump lost the election, but remaining employees aren't buying the network's explanation for the cuts.

The conservative network claims the firings were part of a "restructuring" effort, but staffers think it was more of an "ideological purge" and an implicit threat after seeing those listings for those jobs online, reported The Daily Beast.

"I've seen several job listings on LinkedIn," said one Fox News employee. "It was without a doubt an ideological purge to 'streamline' as they put it. They cleaned house of anyone on the digital side with original ideas that aren't 'on-brand' with the new direction."

Multiple current and former staffers told The Daily Beast the layoffs were part of a "concerted effort to get rid of real journalists," and they blamed new new digital chief and Sean Hannity ally Porter Berry.

"It just shows that management of the digital side wanted particular people out and so they framed it as 'restructuring' when, in fact, it was a purging of journalists that held news and ethics to a higher standard," one former employee said.

Fox News Media began posting new jobs listings for those positions within weeks, including politics editor, senior and managing editorial positions, senior social media producers, and reporters/producers.

"They're knocking down the final walls of the old regime to rebuild with the new people they can mold," said one current Fox staffer. "Digital has essentially become a factory of unoriginal ideas to sell bullsh*t with an agenda. There's even a term for it, it's called 'Foxifying' stories. People in management liked to say that it's not a real thing, but it was a term that was widely used. In 2021 it is still used."

A Fox News Media spokesperson insisted the layoffs were simply a typical corporate realignment, but current and former staffers agree the cuts were intended to send a message.

"It sends a message to current staffers that if you don't fall in line with Porter Berry, he will find a way to retaliate and get you out," one former staffer said.