High school students cry foul after teachers use 'BS propaganda' videos from far-right Prager U to teach classes

Although Prager University YouTube videos are often dismissed by actual scholars as simplistic right-wing propaganda, that apparently isn't stopping some teachers from using them in high school classrooms.

In interviews with The American Prospect, California high school students reveal that their teachers are playing PragerU videos in class as if they were actual academic videos instead of right-wing agitprop.

"I knew it was BS," 18-year-old Caroline Lannes tells the Prospect. "It was clearly misinformation... But the teacher never said anything like that. And it made me mad."

The introduction of PragerU videos into classrooms is no accident, but rather part of a concerted strategy by the conservative education center to get its videos out into schools for students of all ages.

Among other things, PragerU's school outreach program is pushing "a publication detailing Ayn Rand's life for third through fifth graders, and a video showing how to properly fold an American flag," the Prospect reports.

The institution's videos have only spread further over the last year because of the rise in remote learning thanks to the novel coronavirus pandemic. With teachers stretched for resources, many of them find it easier to simply assign kids a PragerU video since they can't do in-person instruction.

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