'Sad and embittered loser': Trump slammed for 'devaluing' Presidential Medal of Freedom in scathing op-ed
Open but shut case - Officials have said the British Open will not be staged at the Donald Trump-owned Turnberry course for the 'foreseeable future' ANDY BUCHANAN AFP/File

On Tuesday, writing for Inc. Magazine, high-tech investor Howard Tullman excoriated President Donald Trump for "devaluing" the Presidential Medal of Freedom by awarding it to golf buddies and political cronies.

"In a closed-door ceremony at the White House the day after the deadly insurrection at the Capitol that he provoked, Trump awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, our highest civilian tribute, to three golfers: Annika Sorenstam, Gary Player, and Babe Didrikson Zaharias," wrote Tullman. "The first is Swedish, the second South African, the third, deceased. They seem to have been honored for being more proficient at golf than the president. (To be fair, Zaharias was an Olympian and professional golf pioneer.) Yet this is simply more icing of the cake of insults and injury from the fat fake who has played golf more than 300 days since the start of his term."

"Trump has turned the Medal of Freedom into a trinket and handed them out like carnival prizes, especially to his most odious enablers," wrote Tullman. "He's even outdone himself by proposing to award this once prestigious honor to two lowlife politicians, Devin Nunes and Jim Jordan, whose only distinctions have been the depths of their own craven and self-serving depravity, their gross political ambitions, and their steadfast sycophancy and irrational support for Trump's ongoing lunacy. Nunes was the crooked committee chair for the House Intelligence Committee who had to recuse himself from any participation in the Russia probe after he allegedly shared classified information about the investigation with Trump."

It has gotten so bad, noted Tullman, that even some of his intended recipients, like New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick, have declined.

"This little man wanted all the pomp, circumstance and power, but none of the weight, the work or the responsibility," wrote Tullman. "He was a fraud from the get-go, never changed, never grew, and remains today as sad and embittered a loser as he has always been. He lied about the Nobel prize, he lied to every member of his family, and he lied to Americans more than 30,000 times. Oh, and he cheats at golf."

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