'Guess we know who said it': Prince Charles hit with furious backlash for post-interview photo-op with Black Britons

Prince Charles made his first public appearance since his son Harry and daughter-in-law Meghan Markle gave a bombshell interview alleging racist mistreatment, and the setting drew widespread mockery.

The royal heir visited a COVID-19 popup clinic in London, where he refused to comment on the allegations -- watched by 12.4 million viewers in Britain and 17.1 million in the United States -- that he had stopped returning his younger son's calls or the suggestion that he questioned "how dark" his grandson's skin would be with a biracial mother.

Harry clarified that his grandparents Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip had not been the family member who asked about Archie's skin color, leaving many to speculate it had been Charles.

Charles' visit was shared on his Clarence House Instagram account and reported on Twitter, where social media users took note of the Black vaccine recipients present during his photo opportunity.