‘I was shocked’: Professor leaves university stunned after unleashing profanity-laced rant vowing to randomly assign grades

A history professor at Ferris State University is now on administrative leave after he sent an obscenity-laced video to his students last month, Deadline Detroit reports.

Barry Mehler, 74, founder and director of Ferris' Institute for the Study of Academic Racism, called students in the Jan. 9 video "c***suckers" and said that their grades would be determined by the "Calvinist doctrine of predestination."

In the video Mehler tells students that he's retiring this year and he "couldn't give a flying f*** any longer."

"There is absolutely nothing you can do, you have no control over your grade. It doesn't matter how f***ing hard you work or how good your grades are, my grading system is based on the Calvinist doctrine of predestination. I figure if it was good enough for Americans, it was good enough for me," he says in the video.

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"So I randomly assign grades before the first day of class. I don’t want to know s*** about you. I don’t even want to know your name. I just look at the number and I assign a grade. That is how predestination works. And don’t come f***ing complaining to me. Take your complaints to God. He ordained this system, not me," he says.

Later in the video, he seemingly softens his stance and tells students that they can find the material online that they need to get a good grade.

"I work in a paid f***ing union job and no limber-dick c***sucker of an administrator is going to tell me how to teach my classes. Because I’m a f***ing tenured professor," he says.

"So if you want to go to complain to your dean, f*** you, go ahead, I’m retiring at the end of this year and I couldn’t give a flying f*** any longer. You people are just vectors of disease to me and I don’t want to be anywhere near you. So keep your f***ing distance."

Ferris State University President David Eisler said he was "shocked and appalled" by the video. "It is profane, offensive and disturbing and in no way reflects our university or its values," he added.

Watch the video below:

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