Proud Boy ordered to stay in jail after Facebook threats against person who 'ratted' him out: report

On Wednesday, Law & Crime reported that a federal judge for the Western District of Texas has ordered Christopher Worrell, a Capitol rioter linked to the far-right Proud Boys, to remain in jail pending trial, denying his plea for release.

As a reason, Judge Royce Lamberth cited Worrell's enraged Facebook posts appearing to threaten the person who "ratted" him out to the feds.

"'Believe I know who ratted,' Christopher Worrell, 49, told an unidentified user on Jan. 18, the day the FBI interviewed him, according to the ruling," wrote Adam Klasfeld. "Then, prosecutors quote him indiscreetly posting publicly on his Facebook page: 'SO WHOMEVER [sic] CALLED THE 'FEDS' ON ME REST ASSURED I KNOW WHO YOU ARE AND WE WILL BE DISCUSSING THIS SOON!! The best part is you have NOTHING accept [sic] empty accusations!! You are the piece of shit I knew you were!!' As commenters responded, Worrell added: 'It's a simple case of a butt hurt pu**y ass bitch that thought they could F**k with someone with some dumb bullshit!! They are about to get educated in 'real life.''"

Worrell, who has a criminal record for impersonating an officer, was arrested in March after a confidential tip to the FBI. He has tried to claim in an interview with federal agents that "the Proud Boys were not a racist white supremacist group like the media tries to portray."