Proud Boy whines about being 'railroaded' after getting expelled from Sacramento County GOP
A group of Proud Boys (Screen cap).

The Sacramento County Republican Party on Wednesday expelled a member from its central committee who weeks earlier had been exposed as a member of the far-right Proud Boys gang.

The Sacramento Bee reports that Proud Boys member Jeffrey Perrine got booted by the GOP after the paper documented his ties to the Trump-loving extremist group that was instrumental in organizing the riots at the United States Capitol building last month.

In voting to expel Perrine, local GOP officials said that the Proud Boys were "categorically inconsistent with the values of the Republican Party."

In an interview with the Sacramento Bee, Perrine complained bitterly about the effort to expel him.

""It's a total, just, leftist appeasing attempt of a bylaw," he said. "They're going to railroad me out the backdoor, and it's not even the full executive committee."

Micah Grant, who serves as the county party's treasurer, told the Sacramento Bee why he made the motion to expel Perrine.

"Mr. Perrine's beliefs, actions, and public statements are woefully out of touch with true conservative values and were a slap in the face to Republicans everywhere who are deeply embedded in their communities," Grant said. "I'm proud the committee took the necessary action to remove this individual."