Proud Boys denied entry to NRA meeting — shout at protesters: report

Security guards at the National Rifle Association’s annual convention in Houston blocked a small group of Proud Boys extremists from entering the security perimeter Saturday at the George R. Brown Convention Center, the Washington Times reported.

“The security agents told The Washington Times that NRA officials directed them not to allow Proud Boys through the gate,” the newspaper reported. “The group walked away in their signature yellow and black clothing toward the gun control protesters on the other side of the street and Houston Police established a hard barrier dividing them. The NRA did not return a request for comment.”

Houston TV station KHOU-11 reported that law enforcement broke up multiple arguments between the Proud Boys and gun-control protesters who were across the street from the convention at Discovery Green. Fencing had been erected to keep the two sides apart, the Houston Chronicle reported.

On Twitter, freelance journalist Steven Monacelli posted video of a brief confrontation in which he said showed the Proud Boys using homophobic slurs to provoke the protesters.