All hell breaks loose at Portland Proud Boys rally for jailed insurrectionists when counter-protesters show up

About 100 far-right protesters, including members of the Proud Boys militia, demonstrated outside of a closed KMart building in northeast Portland Oregon Sunday. After some time, counter-protesters came into the parking lot, making the crowd swell to approximately 300, according to observers. And that's when all hell broke loose

Oregon Live reported that "a person clad in black was seen at the waterfront carrying what appeared to be a rifle and bullets. It was not immediately clear whether the rifle could have been a replica."

"By about 4 p.m. about dozens were in the four-lane roadway in Northeast Portland. Bursts of fireworks went off, shrouding the street in clouds of black smoke. Tear gas was used by some protesters, though the source was unclear," said the report.

Videos from those at the scene showed a cloud of yellow smoke from fireworks set off in front of the "staging" area.

Some right-wingers believe that those few dozen people in prison after attacking the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 are "political prisoners."

When left-wing activists showed up at the event, it sent both sides into a clash. The right was outnumbered by the left, according to some eye-witnesses on the ground.

One online observer noticed that a Proud Boy shoving someone had "PRESS" spray-painted on his helmet.

That same man was later seen with a paintball gun shooting at what some identified as "Antifa" protesters.

"Sunday's planned gatherings were spurred by a similar event one year ago where right-wing demonstrators, including some affiliated with the Proud Boys, faced off against anti-fascist counter-demonstrators in downtown Portland," said OregonLive. "The two groups pelted each other with paintballs, mace and rocks as Portland police stayed largely out of the way."

You can see other photos and videos below: