‘Pure evil!’ Conservatives lose it over Whoopi Goldberg’s shirt

Whoopi Goldberg earlier this week wore a sweatshirt promoting gun safety laws during an appearance on The View, and it’s created an uproar in right-wing circles.

The sweatshirt has “thoughts & prayers” crossed out above a call for “policy & change.”

“Thoughts and prayers,” the phrase commonly used in the aftermath of tragic incidents by public officials, has become symbol of inaction amid the ongoing gun violence epidemic, according to a CNN report that says the expression has become a “a “cynical meme.”

Goldberg wore the sweatshirt the day after a mass shooting at a small Christian school in Nashville, Tennessee, killed six people including three 9-year-old children.

An article published in the The Conservative Brief under the headline “Whoopi Goldberg Wears Anti-Christian Prayer Shirt Day After Nashville Massacre” said “The mocking of Christian prayer on the day after a Christian school was attacked, and people inside of it slaughtered, is shameful even for her.”

The conservative publication The Daily Fetched echoed a similar message, asserting that Goldberg “wasted no time mocking Christians in the wake of the Nashville School shooting by wearing a hugely inappropriate sweatshirt.”

The article notes that The Covenant School’s senior pastor Chad Scruggs’ daughter was among those killed in the attack.

According to the report, “Scruggs issued a statement symbolizing the Christian view of tragedy, saying, ‘Through tears we trust that she is in the arms of Jesus who will raise her to life once again.’

“However, Whoopi Goldberg appeared hellbent on discrediting the power of Christian prayer following the Nashville shooting.”

Several prominent conservatives joined the right-wing attacks on Goldberg.

Jenna Ellis, an attorney who represented Donald Trump tweeted “Did we really expect any better?”

Former “Wheel of Fortune” host and self-described conservative Chuck Woolery tweeted “Beyond sickening.

“Whoopi is pure evil!”

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