Putin will be looking for an out as 'more Russian body bags go home to Moscow': military expert

Appearing on MSNBC's "The Sunday Show" retired Admiral James Stavridis claimed Vladimir Putin and his generals botched the invasion of Ukraine and the Russian president will be looking for a way out as the war dead are returned back to their families.

Speaking with host Johnathan Capehart, the military expert went into detail about strategic mistakes the Russians are making and said Putin may end up looking for a "climbdown" before things get worse at home.

Discussing how the war is going, Stavridis suggested, "As to whether Putin wants a way out, we have to turn over a few more cards and I will tell you this: the more Russian body bags go home to Moscow, the more likely he is to find a climbdown here."

"What we need to do is provide the Ukrainians the means to fight; anti-armor and intelligence and cyber over-watch," he explained. "We need to slam Putin with heavy sanctions. I would argue to include oil and gas and above all we need to continue to rally the NATO alliance, move our forces to the border, continue that flow of military equipment into Ukraine."

Watch below:

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