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Russia hosted a huge celebration for Victory Day, the day that they celebrate the Soviet success over the Nazis in World War II. But behind the scenes, things haven't been going well. Even loyalists of Vladimir Putin are admitting that the Russian military isn't as strong as the president thought.

It was reported Wednesday that some Russian soldiers in Ukraine are in retreat. While it isn't expected to last long, those soldiers who backed away left behind information that gives a guide for Putin's ultimate goal.

The Daily Beast reported that amid the rubble of the Ukrainian town of Trostyanets in Sumy Oblast, forces found documents showing the details about why Russia is focusing so much on attacks of the Donbas region in eastern Ukraine.

Putin made it clear in his speech ahead of the invasion that he wants to reestablish the former Soviet Union.

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“Investigators… found important documents of soldiers of the Russian Federation's Armed Forces that give a clear understanding that Russia was preparing to seize all the territory of Ukraine,” said Chief Oleksiy Sukhachev of Ukraine’s State Bureau of Investigation. “All this information will be studied.”

“We assess President Putin is preparing for prolonged conflict in Ukraine during which he still intends to achieve goals beyond the Donbas,” U.S. Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines recently said when speaking to lawmakers.

NATO believes that while Putin might seem to be focusing on the Donbas and southern regions, which could allow for a land bridge to Crimea, he wants all of Ukraine.

“We have seen no indication that President Putin has changed his ambition to control the whole of Ukraine and also to rewrite the international order,” said Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg.

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There have also been reports that Putin is looking to Moldova next. The nation was previously occupied by the Soviets after World War II.

His soldiers have backed out of the Ukraine capitol, but they're still stashed in Trostyanets, where they've set up a headquarters of sorts in the town's train station, France 24 reported. The New York Times reported that they were also going to use it as a protected place where they could run equipment needed to take over Kyiv.

Read the full report at the Daily Beast.

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