Putin tells Russia the 'self-purification of society will only strengthen our country'
Russian President Vladimir Putin holds a meeting with members of the Government via videoconference. -/The Kremlin/dpa

Vladimir Putin gives a daily address on national television and in the one he delivered Wednesday night, he made it clear that he seeks to "purify" Russia.

"I am convinced," said Putin today the west will use a "fifth column" to destroy Russia. He explained that "such a natural and necessary self-purification of society will only strengthen our country."

The comment from Putin came before U.S. President Joe Biden agreed that Putin was a "war criminal."

According to the International Criminal Court definition, bombing civilian targets are considered war crime.

Speaking to CNN's Anderson Cooper, the chief prosecutor of the ICC was asked about whether they're prepared to call the attacks by Putin to be "crimes against humanity." Putin has intentionally hit civilian targets. A line of people waiting to buy bread was bombed Wednesday, killing ten. A children's hospital was bombed, as was a school and apartment buildings.

“The law is clear on this. It is a crime to intentionally target civilians. It is a crime to intentionally target civilian objects. Now, of course, there has to be further investigation. Were those civilian objects being used to launch attacks that make them a legitimate target? But even then, there is no license to use cluster bombs or use disproportionate attacks in concentrated civilian areas. There’s a duty of distinction,” Karim Khan said.

There have been reports on the ground that Russian soldiers are raping young girls, which is also considered an international war crime, the Ukraine Foreign Minister said. That could land such soldiers at The Hague for international prosecution as well.

"There’s no immunity for any official position … [If] you’re a foot soldier in a civilian area in urban warfare, you don’t have a license to rape or attack children or terrorize. And if you’re a field commander or if you’re a battlefield commander doing aerial strikes, or targeting decisions or you’re a civilian superior, under the Rome statute, there is responsibility," Khan said.

See the video of Putin below:

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