'Very upset' Putin is failing at one objective after another: retired general
Vladimir Putin (AFP)

On Thursday's edition of CNN's "The Situation Room," retired Lt. Gen. Mark Hertling outlined how Vladimir Putin is accomplishing none of his objectives in the invasion of Ukraine.

"President Biden says 'NATO has never been as united,'" said anchor Wolf Blitzer. "How much of a message does that summit here in Brussels actually send to Putin?"

"It's a very big message, Wolf, because we're talking about what were Mr. Putin's strategic and operational objectives," said Hertling. "He is currently stalemated on the battlefields in the east and south of Ukraine and ... the battle in the north, around Kyiv, was Mr. Putin's primary objective. Take the capital city, replace the government. He has not been able to do that in four weeks when he planned for it in three days."

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""The Ukrainian forces have the Russians surrounded in that area and they are without supplies in the north," continued Hertling. "The Russians can't go anywhere. They are going to continue to be attrited by the Ukrainian force as long as the Ukrainians continue to get supplies. In the south, the sinking of the ship was important because that was a resupply ship. This will come down to Ukrainians attriting the Russians and the Russians attempting to get resupply, which they have not been able to do."

"So when you talk about the president saying NATO is more united than they've ever been before, that was another strategic objective of Mr. Putin, was to further divide NATO," Hertling added. "So he has not taken the capital of Kyiv, he has not done the things he wanted to do in the south and east of the country, he has not divided NATO, and the United States has not divided either. So all of those things contribute to Mr. Putin probably being very upset."

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Mark Hertling says Putin must be "upset" as Ukraine invasion fails all its objectives www.youtube.com