National security analyst: Putin won't be able to 'sustain and actually take Kyiv the way the battle is going'
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Appearing on MSNBC on Friday morning to explain the latest developments in Vladimir Putin's attempt to invade and subjugate Ukraine, national security analyst Clint Watts claimed that, while Russia is making some progress, taking control of Kyiv may elude the Russian president.

Speaking with host José Díaz-Balart, Watts -- a former military officer, FBI analyst and currently a Foreign Policy Research Institute fellow -- said the Russian army's tactics seem to be in disarray as they plunge deeper into the county and that doesn't bode well for a complete victory.

Pointing to a map, he explained, "Last week we were speaking a lot about this convoy that was bogged down here, that convoy is now making a move, essentially trying to move west and the reason is they want to grab battle positions out here to the west and essentially create a blocking position to stop any resupply, most of this humanitarian aid that President Biden was talking about, is coming in from the west."

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"So they can establish positions here, they're slowly trying to surround the city," he continued. "However, I would say, even with this armored formation here, there is major engagements in Brovary. Up here, same thing, the Ukrainian military is doing particularly well. I think that's the footage of what we saw last night if you are out on social media."

"You are seeing these Russian military convoys, no discipline and no real tactics, this is a UAV [drone] strike that hit around Brovary. These convoys are getting hit really, really hard and you're really seeing the weapons Ukrainian military using, anti-tank, anti-aircraft causing lots of suffering for the Russian military."

"I'm concerned for the Ukrainian military, we should be worried that they are going to be enveloped on all sides," he continued. "At the same point I'm not sure Russia can sustain and actually take Kyiv the way the battle is going now."

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