QAnon supporters think Biden is a robot who wears a face mask to cover up his malfunctioning mouth: CNN

A group of former QAnon believers told CNN host Alisyn Camerota that many of their former allies actually believe President Joe Biden is a robot.

While speaking with Camerota, the former Q acolytes said they now regret believing absolutely crazy conspiracy theories, and are sad to still see friends and family members who have been sucked into an alternate reality in which former President Donald Trump will be sworn back in as president later this week.

Former QAnon believer Ashley Vanderbilt told CNN that one particularly strange conspiracy theory that's recently gained traction in the community has to do with Biden not being a real person.

"The person that I started talking to... that had initially got me into QAnon, he was like, 'You know, Joe Biden's not even real," she said. "That's why he's wearing a mask all the time, because the fake face that he's wearing, the mouth doesn't move correctly when he talks. Yeah, so they really believe that Joe Biden is not even Joe Biden."

Charlotte Rozich, who has family members who believe in QAnon, similarly told Camerota that many Q conspiracy theorists don't believe Biden is actually the president and that the "White House" he's staying in is actually an elaborate set piece presumably concocted by the Deep State.

Watch the video below.