QAnon supporter tackled and arrested after paintball gun assault on National Guard base: report

According to The Daily Beast, a Wisconsin QAnon supporter named Ian Alan Olson was arrested after crashing a National Guard base and opening fire with an AR-15-style paintball gun.

"Driving onto the base, Olson got out of the vehicle, shouted, 'This is for America,' and fired an AR-15 style paintball gun at two uniformed reservists standing about 15 yards away, the filing states," reported Justin Rohrlich. "After allegedly shooting 'two to three' rounds at the soldiers, Olson's paintball gun apparently jammed. At that point, the reservists — one of whom is described as a law enforcement officer in civilian life — tackled Olson and held him for police."

According to prosecutors, his car was searched, revealing "a gas mask, throwing knives, a police scanner, two-way radios, a taser, and military-style ballistic vest plates," as well as "a three-page handwritten manifesto, which contained numerous mentions of Q and 'my plan.'''

Per the report, just weeks before, Olson drove to Washington D.C. and proclaimed to Capitol Police officers that he would "test the National Guard tomorrow to see if they were loyal to the people or to the President," was "willing to die to fulfill this mission," and his "actions would unite eight billion people." In his mind, if he was shot, it would prove the Guard's loyalty to Biden, and if not their loyalty to the people.

"Capitol Police determined he was a danger to himself and others, and admitted him to a D.C. psychiatric hospital," said the report. "There, Olson was diagnosed with a 'brief psychotic disorder,' and discharged on March 5, the complaint says."

QAnon is a pro-Trump conspiracy theory positing that the former president has been working to defeat a secret cabal of child-trafficking cannibal Satanists who rules the United States. Many of its believers participated in the violent riot on the U.S. Capitol.