QAnon Dallas squatters have 'walked away from their lives' like Medieval Crusaders: historian
QAnon supporters (Shutterstock)

Writing for The Bulwark, historian Thomas Lecaque examined how the QAnon supporters still gathered in Dallas after their failed vigil for JFK Jr. to appear and save the country have now "walked away from their lives" in devotion to their conspiracy theories.

"It's a nightmarish fever dream," wrote Lecaque. "A hilarious hot mess with hints of cringe. Certainly the sort of thing that observers abroad would look at, laugh at, scratch their heads, and move on with their day. But we should resist the urge to treat this as a joke, because it's not. It's not funny, even though it is weird. It's a murder in waiting."

QAnon supporters gathered again in Dallas earlier this week, even after their original vigil produced nothing. A recent report suggested that a local rap artist has offered to help them set up a permanent headquarters in the area.

According to Lecaque, there are parallels between QAnon's Texas pilgrimages and the "People's Crusade," where lay people took up arms en masse to defend the Holy Land in the Middle Ages.

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"Some of the more laughable images from the QAnon presence in Dallas have been of Protzman with a bird on his shoulder, showing the long single file of Q adherents a nonexistent Illuminati (an organization that doesn't exist) pyramid on the Book Depository," wrote Lecaque. "False prophets with bizarre birds are not new. In the People's Crusade, one of the episodes that monastic chroniclers repeatedly mock were preachers following animals. Albert of Aachen wrote of a 'gathering of people on foot, who were stupid and insanely irresponsible,' who claimed 'that a certain goose was inspired by the Holy Ghost, and a she-goat filled no less with the same, and they had made these their leaders for this holy journey to Jerusalem.'"

"The Dallas QAnon crowd that follows Protzman may be just a small splinter sect of a large cult — but their activities continue, their followers get more radicalized, and most of a month later, they are still in Dallas," concluded Lecaque. "So as the rest of us prepare to share Thanksgiving meals with family and friends, at home, spare a moment for the families whose loved ones have been subsumed by this cult, creating misery that will end no one knows how."

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