QAnon believers refuse to leave Dallas after JFK Jr disappointment — and could set up a permanent HQ: report
QAnon supporters (Shutterstock)

The recent QAnon gathering in Dallas, Texas to witness the re-emergence of John F. Kennedy Jr. to announce a joint ticket with former President Donald Trump ended in bitter disappointment for many true believers, as the decades-dead JFK Jr. never showed up.

But according to VICE, many of the believers who gathered for the event are still there — and a Christian rapper is offering to help them establish a permanent headquarters in the city.

"The group, led by the antisemitic QAnon influencer Michael Brian Protzman, who's known to his followers as Negative48, has maintained a presence in Dallas since JFK failed to appear last Tuesday. And over the weekend, the group gathered once again in Dealey Plaza, the site of JFK's 1963 assassination," reported David Gilbert.

Protzman has previously claimed that Trump would be reinstated as the "king of kings" and that type O blood is a "Christ bloodline" under attack by the New World Order.

"In an audio chat on the newly formed Occupy Dealey Plaza Telegram channel, one of Protzman's lieutenants was asked how long the group was going to stay in Dallas. He revealed that one member of the group, a rapper known as Pryme Minister, has offered the use of a property near the city that could act as a permanent headquarters for the group, calling it 'the promised land,'" continued the report. "Pryme Minister (whose real name is Randell Moody) did not respond to VICE News' request for comment."

The QAnon movement believes that Trump is a messiah working to save America from a shadowy cabal of flesh-eating Satanists.


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