Fox News hypes 'mainstream' anti-vax truckers movement -- even as they fly QAnon flags at rallies
Via Sandy Huffaker/AFP

The truckers in Canada who have been protesting against vaccine mandates have been getting significant hype on Fox News this week -- and The Daily Beast reports that the network has been trying to whitewash the extremist sentiments driving the movement.

Fox News host Harris Faulkner on Thursday claimed that the anti-vax mandate protests in Canada are very "mainstream" despite the fact that the network's own footage showed demonstrators waving QAnon flags.

During her show on Thursday, Faulkner gushed about the truckers, who at one point even shut down the border between Canada and the United States.

"Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tried to paint them all as a fringe group, but the mainstream is embracing them now!" she said. "People from other nations with loud support."

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However, The Daily Beast writes that the network showed a montage of footage seconds later that undercut Harris's claim that the truckers were not extremists.

"One sign featured the notorious QAnon slogan WWG1WGA, which is an abbreviation of their rallying cry 'where we go one, we go all,'" the publication writes. "Additionally, protesters also waved a massive United States flag emblazoned with the letter Q."

The publication also notes that Canadian police are investigating several alleged hate crimes committed by the demonstrators, including claims that they "racially abused a homeless shelter guard, harassed a couple with a Pride flag, desecrated memorials and statues with anti-vax messages, and were seen waving swastikas and Confederate flags."