Grandad almost kills his granddaughter after using QAnon COVID cure on her
Crying newborn baby (Credit: shutterstock)

A grandfather rushed to a QAnon Telegram channel to beg for help with his six-month-old granddaughter he feared had COVID.

"My granddaughter is sick. Flu like symptoms, she’s six months old," he posted last week. "Her mother is worried sick, she just had COVID last week."

He asked if he should give her ivermectin, the anti-parasite drug used to treat worms.

"Baby aspirin to thin the blood a little and drop any fever and I would put some ivermectin on the bottoms of her feet," said a group member. Others claiming to be ivermectin "experts" weighed in.

“From what I understand, yes it is safe to give to an infant, however please stop calling it COVID, it’s not COVID, it’s a simple cold. That’s how we got in this mess to begin with,” Katie responded to the grandfather.

"We gave her two doses of ivermectin at 50mg each. That’s what was recommended by someone on here. She got really sick after that. Related? I don’t know," he told the group in an update.

He then rushed back begging for more help saying she was throwing up and turned blue. So, some in the group told him to go to the hospital.

"We don’t trust hospitals. I told my son to give her more ivermectin," he said.

The group members begged with him to take her to the hospital and finally, he confessed that his son took her to urgent care, "against my wishes." She survived, though he didn't say what the urgent care said about the ivermectin treatment.

According to VICE, the Telegram channel is run by Mike Penny, "a conspiracy theorist and a close ally of Michael Protzman, the leader of the cult-like group who have been holed up in Dallas for the last three months, awaiting JFK’s return."

Those Dallas QAnon members were drinking chemicals from a communal bowl in Dec., reported one family member.

The chemical cocktail was a mixture of chlorine dioxide, an industrial disinfectant, among other substances.

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