QAnon congresswoman alerts FBI on Keith Olbermann -- because he predicted she is 'going to prison'
Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene's Facebook

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) continues to raise eyebrows during her second week in Congress.

On Thursday night, Green lashed out at Benjy Sarlin for an opinion piece he wrote that was published by NBC News.

She complained about coverage of her not wearing a mask, argued the story should've been critical of Nancy Pelosi and pushed whataboutism about Black Lives Matter and Antifa.

Her angry response was over a story titled, "Some Democrats in Congress are worried their colleagues might kill them."

The new congresswoman's media criticism was noticed by Keith Olbermann, who had a six word response.

"You are going to prison, Traitor," Olbermann tweeted.

At that point, she dropped a dime to the FBI about the veteran broadcaster.

"This is extremely threatening violent rhetoric," she claimed, tagging the FBI and Twitter in her tweet.

"My Comms team is recording and archiving everything with the media bc of dangerous liars like this. These sickening witch hunts by the deranged violent left must stop," she argued.

Olbermann replied in a comment with 7 snowflake emojis.

"Such a snowflake," he wrote. "It's neither threatening to say you'll be prosecuted for your disloyalty to this country, nor is it violent to say you'll be convicted and incarcerated. Please ask an adult to look up those tough words for you and stop wasting people's' time," he urged.

Olbermann also offered his thoughts on whether the insurrection was an "inside job":