Popular QAnon account unleashes racist tirade against Jewish power and Biden being replaced by James Woods in a mask

The right-wing QAnon Telegram account run by someone known as "GhostEzra" went on an anti-Semitic rant about George Soros and Jewish reporters.

Reporter Mike Rothschild tweeted the screen captures picked up in a Newsweek report, showing the "rabid spree" of xenophobic memes.

The account boasts more than 334,000 subscribers on Telegram, and even falsely quoted former President Donald Trump attacking the media as "Zionists."

"GhostEzra also shared an image that appeared to highlight Jewish journalists and presenters at news outlets such as The New York Times, CNN and Fox News with the caption: 'Probably just a coincidence,'" reported Newsweek.

The account then asked, "Ever wonder why George Soros not only survived the holocaust, [sic] but actually thrived through it?" Soros was a child in Hungary throughout the Holocaust and moved to the UK when he was just 17.

Another conspiracy theory is that President Joe Biden is actually dead and has been replaced by a hologram or actor James Woods wearing a mask.

Then there's the conspiracy that a group of power players captures and torture children to harvest "adrenochrome" from their bodies.

Read the full report at Newsweek.