It is militia vs QAnon as Trump's extremist base splinters ahead of Biden's inauguration: report

There is chaos in Trumpland as President-elect Joe Biden prepares to be sworn-in and Donald Trump faces his second impeachment trial, according to a report by Ben Collins of NBC News.

"Online far-right movements are splintering in the wake of last week's Capitol riot, as some radical anti-government movements show signs of disillusionment with the relatively hands-off approach of some QAnon conspiracy theorists amid warnings of future violence," Collins reported. "Users on forums that openly helped coordinate the Jan. 6 riot and called for insurrection, including 4chan and TheDonald, have become increasingly agitated with QAnon supporters, who are largely still in denial that President Donald Trump will no longer be in the Oval Office after Jan. 20."

"QAnon adherents, who believe Trump is secretly saving the world from a cabal of child-eating Satanists, have identified Inauguration Day as a last stand, and falsely think he will force a 10-day, countrywide blackout that ends in the mass execution of his political enemies and a second Trump term," Collins explained. "According to researchers who study the real-life effects of the QAnon movement, the false belief in a secret plan for Jan. 20 is irking militant pro-Trump and anti-government groups, who believe the magical thinking is counterproductive to future insurrections."

Collins interviewed Travis View, who hosts the podcast QAnon Anonymous, which debunks the mass delusions.

"I have seen some Trump supporters chastising people promoting QAnon-like conspiracy theories," View said. "It seems some Trump supporters are reassessing their coalition and laying judgment on the QAnon wing."

Fellow conspiracy theorist and Trump supporter Alex Jones has been leveling harsh criticism at QAnon.