New Zealand QAnon fans believe Trump secretly arrested their prime minister two years ago
New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern (AFP)

The QAnon conspiracy theory — which posits that former President Donald Trump is locked in battle with a cabal of flesh-eating Satanists who control American society — has gone international thanks to the power of the internet, and many of its supporters now live in foreign countries.

In New Zealand, for example, according to chief New Zealand Stuff reporter Henry Cooke, several QAnon supporters gathered and expressed their belief that Prime Minister Jacinda Adern was actually arrested two years ago when she visited the White House and met with Trump, and that she is now being forced to wear an ankle bracelet.

"When do you believe she was arrested?" the reporter asked a group of QAnon supporters in a viral video posted to Twitter on Monday.

"September 29th, I think, when she visited the White House," said one of them.

Watch the exchange below:

The FBI has identified QAnon, which borrows from a number of older anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, as a source of radicalization for domestic terrorism in the United States.