QAnon-linked convention gets booted out of Las Vegas casino amid warnings from extremism experts
QAnon (Kyle Grillot AFP)

A convention with links to the QAnon conspiracy theory now faces an uncertain future after the Caesars Casino in Las Vegas announced it will no longer serve as host.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that Caesars has pulled out of hosting the For God & Country Patriot Double Down convention after extremism experts expressed concerns to the casino about hosting it.

"The group's registration page refers to the COVID-19 pandemic as the 'plandemic,' a reference to discredited claims that Dr. Anthony Fauci created the coronavirus to gain power and profit off of the vaccine," reports the Review-Journal. "The event is organized put on by The Patriot Voice, a group associated with the online alias 'QAnon John,' who has been promoting the event on his Telegram channel that has more than 56,000 subscriber."

QAnon refers to the completely discredited conspiracy theory that former President Donald Trump had a plan to conduct mass arrests of a global pedophile cabal whose members purportedly included Hillary Clinton, Tom Hanks, and Lady Gaga.

Many people still believe in the conspiracy theory despite the fact that its predictions repeatedly failed to come true, most notably the prediction that Trump would find a way to stay in office despite losing the 2020 presidential election.