Five QAnon myths about Queen Elizabeth so viral and creepy that PolitiFact needed to dispel them
Queen Elizabeth II is the only British monarch in history to have ruled for 70 years Andrew Matthews POOL/AFP

It might not come as a total surprise to most people to learn that Queen Elizabeth II was not a lizard, but thanks to the perverse social-media impact of QAnon, a leading fact-check website felt the need to debunk that lunacy and others.

Politifact felt the need to publish today “the most-outlandish claims we’ve fact-checked about Queen Elizabeth II.” In any other time, such freakishness from conspiracy theorists would hardly rise to the level of attention from serious sources.

But this isn’t any other time. So Politifact dismissed a “conspiracy theory that the royal family are a part of a line of reptiles from the constellation Draco, and that they have reptilian blood.”

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There were four other creepy theories that Politifact found “wacky enough to make us do a double-take:”

  • Queen Elizabeth did not die before September 8 and that her death was a part of a dark conspiracy involving pedophilia or child-trafficking.”
  • The musical artist Prince was not sacrificed in 2016 when he died on the Queen’s 90th birthday that year and that “he had been put to death as a birthday gift.”
  • Queen Elizabeth did not die from the COVID-19 vaccine. Politifact did note that she and her husband had been vaccinated in 2021 and that she was infected with the virus a year later.
  • “She was not shot and killed in Detroit.” Sourcing an Instagram post featuring the logo of Rap TV, a hip-hop news outlet, Politico observed “It’s unclear whether the post was meant as a joke.”