QAnon shaman compares himself to Jesus and MLK in jailhouse interview: 'I am whatever the country needs'

Capitol rioter Jake Angeli, known as the "QAnon Shaman," compared himself to Jesus Christ, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Mohandas K. Gandhi during a jailhouse interview with a right-wing podcast on Friday.

Angeli, who was sentenced in November to 41 months in prison for his role in the insurrection, spoke by phone from jail with “Conservative Daily," a podcast hosted by Joe Oltmann, who reportedly was in the infamous Willard hotel "war room" with other Trump allies on Jan. 6.

"In recent weeks, Oltmann has repeatedly called for the mass executions of some elected officials, including Colorado Gov. Jared Polis and U.S. senators, as well as members of the mainstream media and others he deems to be “treasonous traitors,'" Colorado Newsline reports.

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Oltmann introduced Angeli by saying: “We’re going to call him America’s Shaman. Just show respect for the fact that he showed up at the Capitol, and was highly respectful — prayed — and he just got sentenced to 41 months in a federal jail.”

During the two-hour interview, Angeli declined to discuss details of his case. He recently filed an appeal seeking to void his guilty plea, after replacing his previous defense attorney with right-wing, anti-vax lawyer John Pierce.

According to Colorado Newsline, Angeli instead "spoke at length about topics ranging from John F. Kennedy’s assassination, the 2020 election, critical race theory, anti-vaccine sentiments, Sun Tzu’s 'The Art of War,' the Rothschild and Bilderberg families, Chinese government surveillance and Tesla coils, which he said were a source of 'infinite free clean energy' that could control the weather and lead to 'the next stage of evolution.'"

Angeli went on to compare himself to Jesus, MLK and Gandhi when asked about his treatment in the criminal justice system.

“This is what every single great leader, what every pioneer of sorts, has had to go through,” Angeli said. “When you challenge a system that is so heavily corrupt, when you speak truth to power, what it does is it sends ripples throughout the world. This is part of the reason why, while I’m upset about what happened to me … at the same time, I’m doing all I can to be strong and courageous and wear the full armor of God.”

“I am whatever the country needs me to be,” he added. “That’s part of the role of the Shaman — to be the one that fights the spiritual war for the people, to be the one that shows the people the flaws within its system, within its culture, and helps them to repair those flaws.”

Following the interview, Oltmann said: “It’s great to have this conversation, and break the barriers of what they’ve been saying about him. He’s not crazy. He is a patriot.”

Listen to the full interview below.