QAnon 'splinter group' is going to every Trump rally — and 'causing tensions' with security staff
Via Sandy Huffaker/AFP

On Monday, The Washington Post reported that a "splinter group" of the QAnon movement known as Negative48 is going to every one of former President Donald Trump's rallies — and it's "causing tensions" with the security team.

Negative48, whose members were behind the mass pilgrimage to Dallas last year to see the supposed resurrection of John F. Kennedy Jr. and his alliance with former President Donald Trump to retake America from the forces of evil, are now following Trump's rallies around the country like rock concerts.

"The Front Row Joes brought no agenda besides their undying love for Trump," reported Isaac Arnsdorf. "The arrival of the QAnon group, however, has led to a silent standoff with Trump’s team, raising concerns that they could disrupt events, alienate other fans, distract from the former president’s message or generate bad publicity. The crew of crowd-control staff — male and female body builders in tight, silky green polos and black pants — keeps a close watch on the Negative48 group, telling them they can’t block the aisles with their dancing and, in Wilmington on Friday, working to head off another scene of index fingers pointing to the sky."

According to the report, the Negative48 adherents have their own bizarre numerology to divine their agenda.

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"One man with the group who didn’t identify himself illustrated how it worked using the name of this newspaper. 'The Washington Post?' he said. 'W is 23 in the alphabet. P is 16. Thirty-nine. Angel 39. Which angel? Lucifer was an angel,'" said the report. "Elsewhere at the rally, Eileen McDermott said she’d only started to explore gematria, but she believed there were coded messages in Trump’s speeches, executive orders and musical selections. She said her devotion to Trump became a strain on her relationship with her daughters, but eventually they accepted that if they wanted to have a relationship with her they had to let her be her."

The broader QAnon movement posits that Trump is seeking to liberate the United States from an evil group of sex-trafficking cannibals who consume the flesh of children to live forever — and that an event known as "The Storm" will declare martial law and lead to the arrests of all their political opponents. The FBI has identified QAnon as a source of domestic terrorist violence.