Russia whines after Canadian diplomats bury them in ridicule over their Ukraine demands

According to a report from the Daily Beast, the diplomats behind the Canada Mission UN Twitter account ( @CanadaUN ) took a draft resolution from the Kremlin outlining their demands regarding Ukraine, red-line edited it and then posted it online to slam them for the unprovoked invasion of the neighbor.

The editing -- in the form of mock helpful suggestions -- included advising them to rename their invasion "an illegal war of aggression," and questioning some of their statements with, "Do you think the UN membership actually believes you?”

According to the Beast's reporting, Russian diplomats were infuriated by the Canadian Twitter trolling, with the report stating, "In response to the tweet, several Russian diplomats lashed out at the Canadians, accusing them of engaging in 'kindergarten-level' diplomacy and 'Russophobic libel.'"

You can see the tweet below: