Roger Stone's tax problems may yield a 'treasure trove' of info for the Jan 6th committee: report
Roger Stone (Photo by Andrew Caballero-Reynolds for AFP)

A long-simmering battle between former Donald Trump adviser Roger Stone and the IRS could yield a treasure trove of information for the House select committee investigating the "Stop the Steal" rally and subsequent Jan 6th insurrection.

According to a report from the Daily Beast's Roger Sollenberger, attorneys for the Justice Department made an appeal to a judge in federal court on Monday that would force Stone and his wife to turn over all of their financial records dating back to 2017.

The latest legal move is related to a tax evasion lawsuit brought by the government against the conservative political gadfly last year who has been accused of hiding his income sources.

According to the report, "The judge’s order would force the Stones to disclose a potential treasure trove of evidence. Prosecutors would obtain records of any financial activity of Stone tied to the Jan. 6 riot and “Stop the Steal” efforts, as well as potential payments from pardon-seekers, politicians, and private boosters—and, possibly, information about accounts that the Stones haven’t yet disclosed," adding, "So far, however, the Stones have refused to comply."

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As Sollenberger explained, Stone and the government just ended mediation talks that did not go well and both parties have now "come out of those negotiations swinging."

At the center of the battle is Stone's political consulting business, Drake Ventures LLC, with DOJ investigators claiming it is being used to hide unreported income and expenses over the years that should be taxable.

"Those records could verify the Stones’ finances, corroborate statements from their accountants, and possibly reveal activity related to other entities or accounts. Those would include the Roger Stone Defense Fund, organizations that financed events surrounding the Jan. 6 rallies, and any payments for pardon advocacy in the waning weeks of Donald Trump’s presidency," Sollenberger wrote. "The request means the DOJ also wants to see how Stone used Drake Ventures over the last year, while he was knowingly under the legal microscope."

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