'Stupid rules!' Fox News host has massive meltdown after unvaxxed tennis star is deported from Australia
Fox News/screen grab

Fox News host Rachel Campos-Duffy attacked Americans who are under 30 years old after Australia banned tennis star, Novak Djokovic, over his refusal to get vaccinated for Covid-19.

"It is a warning," Campos-Duffy said during a Fox News segment. "And I think that the only reason that it hasn't happened here are, one, obviously we have some constitutional protections but just in terms of talking about the mindset. It's people from our generation on up who know what America always was and I think those are the people on the right, sensible people in the middle who are holding ground and fighting back and saying no to these masks."

"But if our country was run by everyone 20 to 30, I think we'd be Australia," she continued. "I think we have completely -- and by the way, if we included kids going all the way down to 15 who are even more normalized to this, um, it's over. And this is what concerns me about the American experiment. We have normalized closing churches, closing businesses, telling people what businesses can open and what businesses can't."

The Fox News host complained that abortion clinics are allowed to operate during the pandemic while some churches are allegedly not allowed to gather.

"You know, tell people to wear masks!" she continued. "Telling them they have to put medicine in their body when their doctor said you already have natural immunity and this is actually going to be bad for you. But you still have to do it! All of this stuff is so nuts. And then the stupid rules that we've put up with as we talked about earlier with the [ Saturday Night Live] skit. You know, wearing a mask in a restaurant when you're going to the bathroom but not when you're eating, in the plane when you're having a snack."

She added: "All this stupidity that we've put up with, that we've known -- it's shocking to me that we've all put up with it but I tell you, it's the young people that are going to ruin us in the years forward. I'm really worried about the fact that we've created a generation of kids who probably think more like Chinese kids than American kids."

Watch the video below from Fox News.