Black law enforcement officer sues Walmart for profiling after being mistaken for serial shoplifter
Screen cap / WSB-TV

A prison corrections officer in Clayton County, Georgia is suing a local Walmart after he was detained and handcuffed after being mistaken for a serial shoplifter.

Local news station WSB-TV 2 reports that Walmart security officials mistook David Conners for a man whom they'd caught on camera shoplifting at the store, and continued to detain Conners even after he showed them proof that they'd gotten the wrong person by pointing out that he has multiple tattoos on his arms, while the person in the footage did not.

"I ain’t never shoplift a day in my life," Conners told the officers repeatedly. "You got the wrong man."

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In addition to pointing out the tattoos, Conners presented officers with two forms of identification, including one that revealed his job as a corrections officer.

Conners tells WSB-TV 2 that the incident made him reconsider things he believed about police officers racially profiling Black men.

"I really start thinking about a lot of things more -- I never racially profiled," he explained.

Conners also said that he could have potentially lost his job if he'd had to face criminal charges for shoplifting.

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