WATCH: Black player called 'gorilla' and mocked with monkey noises during high school basketball game

A video shows high school students in Washington state making ape noises and calling a Black basketball player from an opposing team a “gorilla" during a game last Friday.

The students from Capital High School in Olympia reportedly filmed the video themselves and later posted it online, even tagging the Black player.

The Black player's father, Quay Steplight, reposted the video on Facebook on Tuesday.

Steplight's son, Ahmari, plays basketball for River Ridge High School in Lacey, Washington.

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"Please stand up and let your voice be heard," Steplight wrote above the video. "Blacks are not MONKEY’s, GORILLA’s, APE’s or N*GGER’s and whatever else they choose to call us. ... It’s time something be done!"

Steplight told KIRO Newsradio it wasn't an isolated incident.

“There’s this line drawn in the sand where it’s like, as soon as you walk into the Olympia School District, specifically at these sporting events, they have these fans and they get very ugly with their words, very racially driven,” Steplight said. “Some of the friends who are my age who went to that high school, a lot of them are saying, ‘Well, I left the high school because of this stuff, I didn’t do sports because of this.' So there’s a long history.”

KIRO Newsradio reported that it had received "a bevy of emails from parents with stories from Olympia high school sporting events."

"Parents of athletes of color reported similar incidents to last week’s game, with fans at Olympia School District high schools regularly yelling racist insults to members of rival teams," the station reported. "One mom said that when she tried to alert adults at the school during the game, she was brushed off. Others reported videos circulating with racist slurs, a student driving around with a Confederate flag hanging out of his car, and even a situation where Capital High School students chased down and ran a car of Black students from another school off the road after a game."

The Olympia School District issued a statement saying it "has no tolerance for racism," adding that the students involved in the video are being disciplined.

"For privacy, the district did not disclose the students’ identities, how many were involved, or what their punishment would be," the station reported.

Watch the video below.