Black New York family targeted with racist expletive painted on their fence after Buffalo shooting
(Photo: Johnny Parks/Facebook)

A Niagara County family is reeling after they were targeted with a racist expletive painted on their fence in wake of the mass shooting in Buffalo, New York targeting a Black community.

WIVB reported Monday that the phrase "KILL ALL N***ers" was written on the fence of the Western New York family.

Johnny Parks is a father of four and a grandfather. For 25 years he was a youth football coach, including for the Niagara Wheatfield High School. He picks up trash at a local park where teens play basketball because he wants children to have a clean and safe place to play. Yet, on that day, he had to calmly tell his wife to find a way to clean off the racist attack.

Parks then filed a police report and posted a photo of the incident on his social media.

“He’s won our Helping Hands award at the town, he’s on a couple committees, he wants to get involved … and this is the thanks he gets from our community,” the Niagara town Supervisor Lee Wallace told WNY about Mr. Parks. “It’s just sad.”

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Mr. Parks' son Willie Fair III echoed Shakespearian phrases opposing such racism.

“Enough needs to be enough. I bleed. I have cells in my body. I have two legs, two arms just as a white person does. We’re all the same. Skin color appears different, but I’m a person just like you’re a person," he said.

While Mr. Park could retreat from the community out of fear or sadness, he wants to do more to reach out to people and try and better educate folks.

“I think if everybody got to know their neighbors a little bit better, this wouldn’t happen,” he said. “It’s something that we need to educate our young people and our older people, so that we can move past this and it doesn’t happen to anyone else.”

He was right, the community has rallied behind Mr. Parks, and the Home Depot replaced the fence for free.

Governor Kathy Hochul also indicated on her social media that New York State Police is also doing their own investigation.