High school basketball game marred with racist chants and taunts

A high school basketball game in North Dakota was overshadowed with racist chants and taunts hurled at the two minority players on the opposing team, forcing the school district management to apologize for their actions.

The Bismarck High School boys basketball team was on the receiving end of the racists taunts throughout a game, as Jamestown School District's high school and middle school students berated the Bismarck team. The Jamestown School District has disciplined all students involved, but have not shared their actions with the general public.

The number of students involved also hasn't been released, but the investigation was completed as part of the Jamestown School District's nondiscrimination and anti-harassment policy.

"Beyond the more immediate consequences for misconduct, Jamestown Public Schools is responsible for facilitating healing with Bismarck High School, players, coaches, fans and community," said Jamestown School District Superintendent Robert Lech. "We are partnering with Bismarck Public Schools to consider restorative practices that will help all grow from this very unfortunate experience."

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