Parents withdraw child from school after 11-year-old was constantly called the N-word: report

Parents in a school district northeast of Seattle have withdrawn their child from the local school district due to what they describe as persistent racism.

Their 11-year-old is transitioning to remote learning because of his experiences with racism in the the Monroe School District, Fox 13 reported.

"When asked about the racism at the high school, Monroe Public School responded via a public information officer with a letter that was previously released to parents – specific questions went unanswered. When questioned about an 11-year-old driven from in-person learning, the district stopped responding altogether," Fox 13 noted.

The station interviewed A.J. and Craig Crecelius about their child.

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"He started to be called the n-word to the point where he thought it was normal," Craig Crecelius said. "He broke down and told my wife about what was happening – and he said, ‘I don’t know, maybe it’s just a thing kids say.'"

""I think they just hope we stop talking about it and that it goes away," he added. "That’s really what’s pushed me to not stop talking about it."

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