NY man arrested for attack on Black cop while yelling the 4th Amendment allows him to be racist: report

According to a report from the New York Post, a Staten Island man was booked and released after grappling with and spitting on Black Park Enforcement Patrol officers when he was approached about speeding through Staten Island's Greenbelt Recreation Center.

The Post's Rich Calder wrote that Jake Grogan, 21, was stopped by officer Nakua Rose and told to slow down in the area being used as a Covid-19 vaccination center which led the Staten Island man to reportedly roll up his sleeves and bellow, "I’ll f*ck you up!”

Calder wrote, "When Rose’s superior, Sgt. Dornell T. Grant, asked Grogan for identification, the 21-year-old allegedly went berserk, spitting at Rose and then refusing to be subdued," with the report adding, "Grogan, who is white, then allegedly grabbed dirt and smeared it in Grant’s face while yelling 'I’m gonna f*ck you ni**ers up. It’s my Fourth Amendment right to be racist,'" before insisting, "It’s not illegal to be racist."

Grogan was subsequently taken into custody and delivered to NYPD’s 122nd Precinct and now faces charges of aggravated harassment, obstructing government administration and reckless driving.

The report notes that arresting officers hope additional charges will be filed by prosecutors including a hate crime charge.

The Post also notes that Grogan appears to be an "aspiring model" with profile page on ExploreTalent.com.

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