How right-wing Virginia parents could be held accountable for frivolous lawsuits against schools

A Loudoun County, Virginia mother's eyes filled with tears as she presented stacks of papers she said were being "served" to the school district in a lawsuit as part of a right-wing legal strategy that an NBC News reporter is calling an example of "paper terrorism."

The lawsuits are being filed by a group called Bonds for the Win, a kind of shell company used to sue the Virginia school district.

NBC News reported that this group isn't expected to ever win a lawsuit. The goal, however, is to overwhelm school districts with legal paperwork, which The Southern Poverty Law Center and Anti-Defamation League defined as "paper terrorism."

However, there is a potential remedy.

In Virginia, these parents could easily be countersued for legal fees, although this isn't generally something Virginia courts like to do.

However, if an organization's intent is to launch suits they know will lose only to cost the other side, that might be enough for courts to reconsider, and this means the groups could be on the hook for frivolous lawsuits files against the school districts.

There are many options for Loudoun County, Virginia, and any other school district facing these kinds of lawsuits from right-wing parents trying to bring down the districts.

See the full report from MSNBC here:

paper terrorism in Loudoun County, Virginia