Enraged city employee hurls racial slurs at Black man: 'You cannot turn your back on me!'

An employee of the city of Berwyn in Illinois is being investigated by police after she allegedly yelled racial slurs at a man while driving a city vehicle, CBS News reports.

Police say Sarah Lopez yelled at Phillip Robbin to move his work truck from an alley. Robbin told CBS News that he had a permit to park his truck in the alley. He said that when he turned his back to Lopez, the confrontation got worse.

"She was like, 'You cannot turn your back on me, you f***ing n*****,'" Robbin said. "I said, 'Excuse me?'"

Robbin then called police to the scene and one of the responding police officers interviewed Lopez, who admitted to using the racial slur. "I am so sick and tired of these people," Lopez said.

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Lopez works as a blight inspector with the Berwyn Buildings Department and is reportedly still on the job. She's also listed as an active member of the school board.

Robbin and his lawyer met with Mayor Robert Lovero, who apologized for Lopez's actions.

"He told us he took care of the situation. He gave her a verbal reprimand, and he's apologizing to me – and that was that," Robbin said, adding that he didn't feel the apology was enough.

"It's not right," Robbin said. "I just want to be treated fair."

Watch video below or at this link.

Contractor furious after Berwyn city employee admitted to yelling racial slurs at him on the job www.youtube.com