Comedian Jason Robo gets booted from radio gig after his racist rant in San Diego goes viral
Jason Robo. (Screengrab)

The fallout from a racist rant during a San Diego County Board of Supervisors meeting has apparently cost comedian Jason Robo a weekly radio gig in northern California.

KMUD news director Lauren Schmitt said "immediate action is being taken" after Robo made "several deplorable statements," the Times of San Diego reports.

Robo had reportedly had the gig for five years.

"The volunteer programmer in question has little to no direct relationship to the station, as their pre-recorded show is submitted," Schmitt. "We would like to be clear that their opinions do not reflect our values. While these statements were made on an outside platform, we have begun the discussion into their future as a volunteer."

Robo told the publication the cancellation gives him "one less thing to do each week."

The rant has generated a great deal of attention in San Diego.

"You should resign, [Nora] Vargas. I can't wait for your arteries to clog. They're not doing it fast enough. And Nathan [Fletcher], you should kill yourself. … A dishonorable discharge would be you blowing your brains out. … [Terra] Lawson-Remer, I like to call you a little monkey. I'd like to see you hang from a tree. And [Dr. Wilma] Wooten, you're a f*cking Aunt Jemima," Robo said.

Robo may also be in trouble for an incident two days before the hearing.

"Meanwhile, Robo is facing a possible defamation suit by the owner of Roma Mia restaurant in the Gaslamp District. Restaurateur Sergio Torrisi said Robo, 39, drove drunk into an outdoor dining area a half-hour after the Fourth Avenue eatery closed at 10 p.m. Sunday and later lied about the Halloween night incident that allegedly saw Robo pepper-spray the Italian restaurant's manager," the Times of San Diego reports.